Blackjack Gets a Daily Game with a Twist

The Wordle-revolution has come for blackjack. Same Shoe Blackjack is a once-daily game of blackjack where everyone plays the same shoe.

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Play Today's Shoe

We host a new shoe of blackjack everyday. Try your luck and see how you do versus the group because everyone plays the same shoe.

It seems there is a daily game for everything these days. Games like wordle, quordle, and then Heardle have all found an audience of people interested in a casual daily game. But what about the gamblers out there? Where is their daily game? Here comes Same Shoe Blackjack.

Same Shoe Blackjack is a once-daily game where everyone starts with the cards in the same order. The same order you ask? What does that mean?

When you play blackjack, a dealer starts by shuffling all the cards that will be used in the game. That's usually 6 or 8 decks of cards in your typical casino. After the cards shuffled, they are put into a shoe, the device that the dealer users to pull cards to deal to players. So once the cards are in the shoe they will come out in a set order.

So SSBJ asks, what if people could be compared by playing the same shoe? Would the outcomes be different? What if someone chooses to double down while another person decides to stay? The cards can completely change for these player after that point.